Koenigsegg accident during Poland Gran Turismo


A driver at Poland's Gran Turismo Polonia event lost control of his Koenigsegg CCX and crashed into the crowd, injuring at least 17 people. Last weekend the CCX supercar shot straight into the spectators at high speed when it goes off to the right, hits a curb and plows into a group of spectators. Amazingly, no deaths resulted from the accident.

Gran Turismo Polonia is a three-day track-driving event at Tor Poznan race track in Poznan, Poland that attracted hundreds of supercars to the area. While the cause of the crash is still being investigated, video of the accident shows that prior to the car accelerating on the straight road, the driver had trouble turning the corner onto the road and spun the car out.

The car before the crash.

Beware the following video might be graphic and might be pulled off by youtube very soon.

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