Sunday Drive

With temperatures reaching the 34C and after a hard working week, today another exciting sunday drive was held. Drivers gathered at Attard petrol stationĀ at around 7.30 am. Then off they went for a drive through the Maltese roads. They enjoyed their drive with their precious cars while taking advantage off the traffic free roads. After awhile they finally made a stop at Wied iz-Zurrieq where they parked their immaculate cars including McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus, Honda, Subaru, Caterham, Porsche, Mitsubishi.... while drivers could enjoy cold drinks to refresh themselves.

It was very exciting to drive along with these amazing cars. Enjoy the pics!

Honda S2000 Jaguar XF Amuse S2000 Fiat 500 Abarth Mazda MX5 Hawk Eye Impreza Toyata GT Subaru Impreza Type-R WRX Sti Honda S2000 AP2 Lotus Elise Porsche 911 MGB and Fiat X1/9 Porsche 911 delete White Honda S2000 Toyota Glanza Lotus Elise and Caterham Super7 Mitsubishi Evo Mazda Miata Ferrari 348 Spider Ferrari 328 Porsche Boxster Mazda RX7 with Carbon hood Mazda RX7 Subaru Impreza and Renault Clio Williams Toyota Supra Ford Escort Mk1 Mitsubishi Evo6 Mercedes SL 550 Scooby Corner BMW M3 Renault Clio V6 Trophy BMW E36 JDM vs German Engineering Sunday Meet Ford Zephyr McLaren MP4-12C Pontiac Transam Pontiac Transam McLaren MP4-12C and Porsche 911 Rear Lotus

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