Abandoned Toyota FT-86

Abandoned Toyota FT-86

Toyota new FT86 and old AE86

In the nineties Toyota was booming with powerful fun to drive sports cars such as the Supra, Celica GT-Four and MR2. However since their range seem a bit bland with only the front wheel drive Celica available.

The drought period will soon be over because Toyota will release the FT-86 in June 2012 for the UK market. Toyota have been smart enough to go back to basics with the success of the 1986 Toyota Corolla (aka AE86) and create the same thrills at an affordable price with modern technology.



This is all now, but sometimes you wonder how would some of these mass produced vehicles will end up in 20 years time. Like with the old model you can find some 1986 Corolla's rusting away, so I wonder what would the FT-86 look like if it were to be abandoned and let to rot......

Toyota FT-86 abandoned and rotting away

The above render is available for print and higher resolution version from our DeviantArt page.

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