Totalled 2012 BMW M5 on German Autobahn

Totalled 2012 BMW M5 on German Autobahn

A drive on the German autobahn (A81), father and sons quickly ended up in a nasty crash totalling a new BMW M5 (F10) on the 17th April, 2012. The brand new 2012 M5 was traveling at a top speed (about 186mph) when the driver lost control of the car whilst braking to avoid a car. As the driver of the M5 swerved to avoid a car which joined the highway aggressively (without noticing the oncoming BMW), the M5 struck the divider, bounced off and shot across the highway, where it rolled several times to the side of the road on the grass.

2012 BMW M5 (F10) - Total Loss


The 60 year old driver, 20 year old passenger, and a dog were all seriously injured, but are alive. Judging by the severity of the damage to the car, it's a testament to the M5's safety technology that no one was instantly killed.

The car which cut off the M5 did not stop and fled the scene of the accident. The M6 and M3 on the scene belong to the M5 owner's sons, who were traveling with the M5 at the time of the accident. They were able to put out a fire that had started in the M5′s engine bay after the crash, by using an extinguisher on the engine.

It's easy to forget sometimes just how much power our BMWs have and while they are some of the safest cars in the world, we are all still human and capable of suffering injuries and making mistakes.

Please be safe for yourself and other drivers!

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