15 year old Low Mileage Subaru Impreza STI V3 Type R

15 year old Low Mileage Subaru Impreza STI V3 Type R

If you spent your early teen years in the nineties and preferred a rally car than a Ferrari, you know what I mean when I say Subaru Impreza STI. Unfortunately back then you were too young to drive such a car, let alone to afford one. These days you could afford the newer versions, or be lucky to find one of the classics in good condition.
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However when its 2012 and an absolutely low mileage 1997 v3 Type R 555 edition comes up for sale with only 5200 kms, you would just want to have it!

This not a normal Impreza it's a commeratrive of the 1996 FIA World Rally Championship and comes as standard with 4 pot brakes DCCD gearbox, intercooler spray, 555 logo seats, all original and unmodified.
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All this and only €8000 from Jap Performance in West Sussex, UK for a car that hardly done 350km a year!

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