Motorsport Activity in Malta

Motorsport Activity in Malta

For a small island like Malta where no racing circuits exists you would be surprised by the motorsport activity taking place on the island. Thanks to various associations and the dedication of numerous motorsport enthusiasts motorsport events are frequently held for spectators and drivers around the island.

Car racing in Malta

Hal Far

The first activity in our list at the Hal Far quarter mile stretch which is organised weekly by the MDRA (Malta Drag Racing Association). This is probably one of the most affordable motorsport activity were the public can test the acceleration of their own vehicle in a straight line. Participate fees are €6.50 for car and driver (€3.50 for passengers) and one can race down the strip for an unlimited number solo or against any other car.

During winter the Hal Far drag strip is open on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning while in summer as the weather is warmer it will be open on Thursdays evening from 8pm onwards. Other events such as drag racing, drifting, RWYB (run what you bring) also happen throughout the year and to keep yourself update is better to check regularly the local MDRA and Car clubs websites.

I will suggest that even if you’re not that interested in racing your car on the quarter mile track you will still be entertained by watching the action and walking around the parked modified cars. If you are lucky enough you might also spot a rare car!


Hill Climbs

Another popular motorsport activity is the hill climbs organised by the ICC (Island Car Club). Rather different from the quarter mile event this activity is for the advanced driver and requires more skills to participate. Although any street car is allowed to participate each driver must comply with the vehicle and safety requirements that form part of the competition rules. The entry fee for a single race is €80, which might be expensive for some but don't forget that this is an organised race with serious competitors. A club season membership is also available for those aiming to take part in this sport.  The races are held on various inclines in Malta and Gozo with the championship commencing in March, and then other races are at a monthly interval till December with a short break through the summer.

Besides the 2 events mentioned previously in this article there are many other motorsport events in Malta such as the Autocross (we don't suggest that you participate with your street car lol), the yearly Grand Prix event ( for all type of vintage cars), drifting sessions by MDA, and many other events organised by various local Maltese clubs and associations.

Photos of Hal Far quarter mile and hill climb activities were taken during recent events.

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