Silex Chreos - An Electric Car that fully charges in 10 Minutes

Silex Chreos - An Electric Car that fully charges in 10 Minutes


A Maltese alternative energy firm, Silex Power is aiming to steer the world in a new direction by designing a revolutionary luxury electric car, the Silex Chreos.

They are promising that the Chreos will be able to travel 1,000km with  just 10 minutes charge, have 640bhp and top speed of 300km/h.

By comparison, the Tesla Model S, the market leader, takes more than an hour to charge and has a range of less than half the amount of the Chreos.

Silex aims to have the car ready for production by 2015, hand-built in Malta and exported worldwide. More Information on their website.

Technical Details

Electric Motors Power 480KW (640bhp)
Torque 4400Nm (3245 lbft)
Weight 2200kgs
Length 5420mm
Width 2160mm
Height 1480mm
Wheel Base 3540mm
0 to 100Km/h acceleration <2.9s
0 to 200Km/h acceleration <6/0s
Top Speed 300Km/h Electronically Limited
Autonomy 1000km @ 125km/h
Charging time <10 min from flat to full charge
Seating Capacity 4 (2 front and 2 rear)
Body Structure Carbon Fibre
Vehicle Lighting Full OLED/LED Technology


Looking at the specs the Chreos seems like a large car, and only having a rendered demonstration shows that a prototype has not been built yet.  What do you think, is this all feasible?

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