Geneva: LaFerrari aka F70

Geneva: LaFerrari aka F70

Ferrari just revealed their new LaFerrari  hypercar today at Geneva.
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 The Ferrari LaFerrari will be the first of its kind as a hybrid supercar.
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 It is no ordinary supercar, as with the Porsche 918 and McLaren P12 it will be a hybrid.


The petrol engine of the LaFerrari will be a 7.3-litre V12 that will produce 600kw and include two electric motors, one to power auxiliary systems and the other to drive the power train at low speed. It will feature a seven-speed, paddle-shift, duel-clutch gear box that will send all the power to the rear wheels. Without the aid of four-wheel-drive the LaFerrari is bound to be interesting in the corners relying on driving skill to ensure it stays on the track. The ECU, the brains behind the beauty, will be infused with Ferrari’s F1 knowledge and two years of KERS grand prix experience.

laferrari-front laferrari-rear laferrari laferrari-side

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