Project Melissa: 1969 Ford Capri 1600GT

Project Melissa: 1969 Ford Capri 1600GT

Our all original Mk1 pre-facelift 1969 Ford Capri 1600GT in light green. Sitting at the dealership we spotted this and snatched it up as soon as we had some funds. This was one of the early cars produced, in fact according to the VIN tag this particular Capri was released from the Halewood plant in England in March 1969. Also the car was still with its original fitted 1.6 litre engine which was a big surprise since Ford enthusiasts have a habit of swapping engines as if they were swapping a set of wheels.


Manufacture: Ford

Model: Capri Mk1

Year: 1969



  • To source the rare trim and accessories for the car from this era and keep it as original as can be.


May 2009

When buying an old car we always look for one that is rust free, with the original engine and if possible have all the original trim intact, because if anything is missing or needs repair it won't come cheap.  And this Capri checked all the boxes, and after haggling on  the price she was ours! The only thing really needed to the car was an engine tuneup, which was expected for a car that was over 40 years old!


August 2009

With little amount of time and cash, we decided to lift the car from all wheels to free the suspensions and wheels from the weight of the Capri.


November 2010

Originally our car came with Watanabe styled wheels, which were nice and all but we wanted everything original including the right period GT wheels. We manage to source a set and the car just looked exactly like the one on the brochure in 1969!


January 2011

Having made no real progress on our Ford Capri, we had a chance in exchanging with a more powerful Datsun 280ZX and that is how Project Lucy was born.


Do we miss the Capri? Yes we do. There is something about this Ford that makes you proud, and its evident as the prices for these cars are not cheap!

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