Amazing Photos of the NYC’s subway project

Amazing Photos of the NYC’s subway project

The Second Avenue Subway is the first line to be constructed in New York City since 1932. Costing about €3.4 billion this transportation project will reduce the congestion for the commuter on the east side of Manhattan. Works began in 2007 and included the excavation at eight stories (80 feet) beneath Manhattan’s Upper East Side, as well as access shafts at 69th and 72nd Streets.
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The main machine for this job is the  485-ton, 137m long tunnel boring machine to drill through the mountain of bedrock which uses a 6.7m diameter cutterhead to mine 2.
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4km into two tunnels.

Patrick Cashin (Photographer Journalist): “This thing is definitely an engineering feat,” Patrick says. “These caverns are man-made — created from scratch. It feels like you’re in the center of the Earth but really we’re right underneath the busiest city in the world. It’s incredible.”

The photos are incredible.

Visit the MTA’s photostream to see more of their photography.

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