Ferrari F40 Resurrected

Ferrari F40 Resurrected

A while ago in Houston, Texas a mechanic decided to take a client's Ferrari F40 for a spin, and resulted in  ruining the car, a write-off, just good for parts. However with only about 1300 ever produced it seemed a waste, and so the car found its way to 'Gas Monkey' garage who believed they can fix it and make it better than it originally was over two decades ago.

Currently 'Gas Monkey' are featured on a TV show Fast N’ Loud. One of the episodes opens up with them examining the wrecked Ferrari, that was fetching $400,000 it is sorry state! They go through discussion about spicing up the old lady, maybe removing the iconic wing and giving it a black paint job which has never been seen before on a F40.

After a few hundred thousands of dollars, some sweat and stress, the F40 was finally ready with the custom Gas Monkey look. Ditching the red paint scheme with gloss black, completing the touch with a set of black custom lightweight HRE wheels, and more modern suspension. They also went with black, more safer Recaro seats.

Although some might argue they completely ruined a classic, just remember this: Without them this car wouldn't exist anymore. You have to give them credit for all the hard work and craftsmanship they invested to bring it back to life.

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