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You might all know of the economic situation of Greece is not that healthy, neither is this poor Nissan R35 GT-R, which appears to have abandoned by its owner.

This car is from a family that bought it from the abroad at a very low price. The man who owns this car works the whole summer and his wife has no use of it (its not a car to go to the supermarket and pickup the kids in). Hence, the number plate is been deposited to the tax office... So it logical that they are not allowed to drive it.

I wonder how much the yearly tax is for a car like this in Greece....



These photos remind me of a render done by Jonisbal when the Nissan GTR was released back in 2008.



We hope this car doesn't stay in this state for long when a proper enthusiast could be using it to enjoy the roads it is meant to be on.


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