Upside Down Racer Camaro

Upside Down Racer Camaro

upside-down-racer-le-mons The NJMP (New Jersey Motorsports Park) Mystery Car has been revealed! It's a frightening fusion of a wretched 1990 Ford Festiva and a horrible 1999 Chevy Camaro, with a not-so-subtle twist. The Festiva's tiny (1.3 liter), smoky, worn-out (almost 190k miles) engine has enough trouble moving itself in ordinary traffic. Now, it has been saddled with the entire inverted body of the much larger car, including the original Camaro wheels. Putting this thing on a race course with real race cars would be tantamount to suicide, were it not for the stringent safety rules. Now, it's merely extremely hazardous, and highly ill-advised. The reactions have been every bit what we expected: bewildered looks, broad grins, and plenty of laughter. The track's tow guy passed our car in the pits, stopped, backed up, snapped a pic with his phone, and said "That's gonna cause some confusion on the track!" People constantly ask me what drug or alcohol-fueled altered states of consciousness induce these terrible LeMons builds. I wish could offer such a rational explanation. I don't know where they come from, but they are never in short supply. I'm an 8 year-old kid trapped in a 40 year-old body, with just enough talent to pull off my wacky ideas, and, fortunately, enough truly amazing friends to help make them a reality. Article by El Fez (

upside-down-racer-rear-end upside-down-racer-side-view upside-down-racer-3 upside-down-racer-2 upside-down-racer-1 upside-down-racer-rear

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