Female Drivers in the Drifting Scene

Female Drivers in the Drifting Scene

In the 1990's on the winding mountain roads of Japan Drifting was born and boosted in popularity from the famous blockbuster movie Tokyo Drift back in 2006. Drifting is a sport that measures the capability of the driver on how they can manoeuvre their car sideways into corners, particularly taking into detail the speed and line.

When it comes to the competition between drivers, the competition typically consists of two qualifying sessions and a final session. The cars they use are light to moderate weight rear wheel drive bhp monsters, having lots of torque.

However the majority think that drifting is mainly dominated by the male gender but this is where people are mistaken.
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Through our own research we found out that its very popular with the female gender. Since its popularity went up with the female gender there's even a specific category named as the Queen of Europe Drift. Its really amazing to see that women are achieving good results even at international events.

Some of the most popular drivers are as follows:


Iva Rusinova (Bulgaria) 

Iva Rusinova has been involved in drifting for the past 3 years now, switching between different drifting cars such as Toyota corolla, AE86, RWD converted Audi 90, Nissan 350z and finally the yellow Subaru Impreza.

Michaela Sacherova (Czech Republic)

Czech drifter Michaela runs from  2011.She emerged in the motorsport scene with her BMW E30 and her team semaracing. She got huge support from her father who is also a huge talented driver.

Ramona Rusu (Romania) 

Ramona Rusu comes from Romania she drives a M5 V8 powered E30. She has been competing for a few years now and is currently following the Queen of Europe Euro Drift league.

Karolina Pilarczyk (Poland) 

For Karolina her passion for the motorsport started quite early at the age  of 13. That was when she sat for the first time behind the wheel. After getting her driving licence she decided to develop  more her driving skills by attending a driving school. There she learned the techniques of how to handle a vehicle in difficult situations.
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She’s currently known as the polish drift queen.

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