1957 Porsche Speedster Yard Find

1957 Porsche Speedster Yard Find

This Speedster was found as is after sitting outside for a unknown number of years. It was pulled from an old Roosevelt estate on the North Shore of Long Island, USA.
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It is believed to have been a race car owned by the Roosevelt's and run at Bridgehampton Raceway in the late 1950's to early 1960's. It appears that it was crashed at some point in history and was parked. It still has part of the racing numbers on the side along and a roll bar.
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As you can see from the pictures it is in extremely rough shape. But it is still a real 1957 Speedster.

Serial Number: 83385

Reutter Color Tag Number: 601

Believe it or not this wreckage has been auctioned of for $57,200. Why would you think someone pay that much for a car that is beyond saving? Well these days there are replicas which are exactly to Porsche standards. So I guess it will make more sense to swap over the chassis numbers to a replica, and thus making this car much more valuable with its racing pedigree and fetch around 16 times more the price it was bought for.

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