8 minute Tour of Paul Walker's car collection

8 minute Tour of Paul Walker's car collection

In October 2012, Matt Farah, host of The Smoking Tire, toured an impressive car collection at the Always Evolving warehouse which was co-owned by Roger Rodas and Paul Walker. The colelction includes a number of the following cars: Saleen Mustangs, Porsches, Ferraris, rare BMWs and a few JDM rides such as a Nissan R34 V-spec and S15 Silvia.

This collection proves that the Fast and Furious star's was a big car enthusiast and not just any other actor. He was real, and genuinely into the industry and its products. It was this trait that is most apparent both in his collection and in his tragic death.

Take a look below for the full video from The Smoking Tire, and enjoy the wonderful collection Walker put together over the years.

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