Ayrton Senna and the Honda NSX

Ayrton Senna and the Honda NSX

Ayrton Senna owned/driven three NSX cars for personal use. The first one in Brazil is probably the most valuable, as it was his personal choice of colour, had his personal number plate (BSS 888) and was ordered to his personal specification.

The second most important one is the Red One that was lent to him by Honda Portugal. The  fax seen in the photo album confirms the following:

Further to your fax inquiring about the NSX Frame Number JHMNA11500T000233 we inform that this car was the first NSX imported by HAP registered in 22/03/91 and used by Ayrton Senna during his stays in Portugal. During the period Mr Ayrton Senna was involved with Honda there was an agreement between him and Honda Motor Co to have one NSX in Portugal for his personal use.

Currently this car is owned by one of our dealers, Nipomotors Please note the correct frame for this vehicle is not JHMNQ1 …. But JHMNA1

The red NSX is also featured in the Ayrton film “Racing is in my blood” showing Ayrton lighting up the back wheels with a wheel spin.

This now just leaves the third car which is a bit interesting because of the lack of photographs of Ayrton Senna with this car. However its true that the black NSX in Portugal is owned by Ayrton’s best friend and mentor Antonio Braga.

The 2 Honda NSXs in Portugal are for sale. The owner of the black “Braga” one wants £75,000 for it.  This other red NSX (SX2559)spent most of its life at MSCAR, the Honda dealership in Algarve, Portugal. And now has recently found its way in UK and on ebay.

As mentioned above Ayrton Senna had three NSX's. This red one from his home in Quinta Do Lago, a black one at his home in Brazil and a third one bought for his friend Antonio Braga. The reason for the quick resale is because the British owner needs to release some funds for a building project which he has recently given permission to.

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