2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept, the new Supra?

2014 Toyota FT-1 Concept, the new Supra?

It has been over two decades when the last Toyota Supra has been announced. Since then there where any rumours and sketches of what the new Toyota Supra should look like. However the wait is over, during the Detroit motor show today Toyota released its astonishing concept, the FT-1.


The FT-1 is described by Toyota as "a true enthusiast's track car in the lineage of the 2000GT and Supra".
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The name FT-1 stands for 'Future Toyota', with the number one representing "the ultimate world-class sports car with the ultimate performance envelope".


The FT-1 comes with a front engine and rear wheel drive layout allowing the cockpit to sit further back, which also contributes to even out the weight distribution. It aims to give the driver excellent vision, thanks to the 2000GT-inspired wraparound windscreen.
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The interior of the FT-1 is stripped down like that of a race car. Controls on the steering wheel of the Toyota FT-1 concept car were designed to be used without having to take eyes off the road.


The exterior of the concept is on the same level as when the Toyota GT86 was first previewed. Which we learnt that won't be far off the production model and should keep its flared front wings, large air intakes and exhausts, and a huge retractable rear wing.

Its confirmed that the FT-1 got the green light, which is to be expected the new Toyota Supra. It has also been made available as a download on the famous driving simulator, Gran Turismo 6.

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