New 2014 Audi TT Interior

New 2014 Audi TT Interior

The Audi TT is in its  all-new third-generation, and although it has subtle exterior changes from the previous model, just wait to you get to see the interior.


The stunning new TT cabin has just been officially released to the public during CES 2014. Puristic, sporty and fully focused on the driver it is surely a well thought and technological interior design.  The central MMI (Multimedia Interface) knob changes functions in the TFT display, meaning a more cleaner dashboard since everything is migrated into the large screen behind the steering wheel.

2014-audi-cockpit 2014-audi-seats

Yep there's a 12.3-inch configurable display powered by Nvidia whom are well known for their graphic processors. This screen can show a full-screen map, render analogue speedo and rev-counters, or show information about driver assistance systems, in-car entertainment, or access the Internet.  Drivers can switch between two modes, according to Audi, with a traditional tach-and-speedo arrangement available.



Even the air vents have a cool nifty feature of having the inbuilt climate control.


At the moment the exterior has not been officially released, but we'll be able to see the rest of the new Audi TT later on this year.

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