Retro Recaro Seats

Retro Recaro Seats

We just came across a very interesting listing on ebay. It is a pair of rare 1988 Recaro Classic C car seats with orange gradient scheme.

The seats have an electrically adjustable back rest, and use Airmatic lumbar support (nematic air pouches adjust for comfort) and seat heating, as well as manually adjustable side bolsters on both back rest and seat base. Seat base adjustment is 490mm to 540mm. The back rest folds forward for ease of entry to the rear seats, and will adjust to fully reclined.

They come with a padded head rest, (Sadly not the speaker type). They also come with the underneath runners / or as they are know in Germany "Consols". they also have all the manually adjustable knob caps (some are shown missing in the pictures)

The material is the ultra rare Orange Spectrum (orange Graded) with black bolsters, side seat pads, head restraints and rear back rest. These are hard to come by as a pair especially in this color. Even the original sales advert is included.

They seem to be in original condition and would look perfect in any 80's car such as a Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Datsun were they have been offered as an accessory option by the manufacture.

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