Women in Motorsport: Verena Mei

Women in Motorsport: Verena Mei

Verena Mei-350Z-Drift-Car

Verena career started about 10 years ago, first as a model for Toyo tires from 2000-2002, were she showed interest for racing. Verena was recommended by Indy car legend Bobby Unser JR were she attended to a stunt driving school to test her driving skills. With her determination a month later she attended successfully Frank Hawley Drag Racing School were she recorded the excellent time of 9.46 seconds at a quarter-mile event hitting the 144mph while promoting her for the Pro Competition Racing License. This achievement was rewarded for her as the fastest Asian-American female in the USA.

By 2004 Verena got her first taste of drifting while training in 300HP Roush Mustangs, and made her debut into the drifting world. In that year she brought her own car and built it up on the G4 Tv shows. Later on she was chosen by Nissan Motorsports whom provided her with a 484HP twin turbo 350Z to participate in Formula Drift series and managed to be one of teh top drifters in her first season. After 5 years of Formula drift she moved to the Redline Time Attack series, winning a class of championships in her first year, placing podium in every event and becoming the first female to win a championship in the series.

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