1988 Audi Concept for $750k

1988 Audi Concept for $750k

This is a 1988 Audi Italdesign Aztec in silver which has recently came up for sale on ebay at a price of $750,000

Some of you might remember its unusual designs which has been embossed on your young minds back then. Not sure how many of them are produced but this driveable concept carries chassis production number: 0001, and only has 800miles (1000-kms).

The car is currently in the hands of an old age collector in Japan which has now started to sell his collection.

From Italdesign Giugiaro:

The Aztec embodied the desire for a sculpted rather than a designed shape: its smooth metal is punctuated by graphic motifs, and a reworked mechanical appearance with the engine exposed and streamlined rear wheels. In a departure from conventional open-topped sports cars, the passenger compartment is divided into two symmetrical portions: the passenger also has a steering wheel that is actually a control console and not used for steering.

Control panels located on both side panels are accessible by entering appropriate codes. These provide information on engine oil level, coolant, brake fluid and a removable temperature gauge. A hydraulic jack and a 12 V power point are also located on the right side. A removable electric screwdriver, an electric torch, a compressor for inflating tires and a fire extinguisher are housed on the left hand side.

Access to the car is by opening the doors as usual and lifting parts of the cockpit upward.

Ebay link here

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