Misfire start for King of Kings Drift Malta Competition

Misfire start for King of Kings Drift Malta Competition

The King of Kings Drift competition final in Malta was suppose to be held at the Monetkristo complex in Malta. However due to complex issues with regards to the permit the event was cancelled today, and the organizers took a bold step in moving the event to Hal Far. Lots of teamwork is going on for everyone to shift to the new location and prepare for the event after midday Saturday to Sunday.

Unfortunately this act from the government let us to believe that Motorsport in Malta is not a priority for them, and that the Maltese dream for a track in Malta will only be a dream. For those who really wished to see drift cars today, we took snapshots of each competitor whom were eagerly waiting to drift today. Lots of mean sounding cars ranging from BMWs, Nissans, Toyotas and a Subaru, which is your favourite? Comment below.

After the event has been successfully transferred to Hal Far raceway the gates will open at 11am Saturday and the championship will officially start from 13:00 till late and Sunday as per original schedule.

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