Collectable japanese market only Nissan 400R and Z432 on auction

Collectable japanese market only Nissan 400R and Z432 on auction


The Nismo 400R and Nissan Z432 are both limited edition cars released by Nissan for the Japanese market only. Although from different eras they are both great pieces of mechanical art that you rarely see at any car show let alone for sale. But like spotting 2 unicorns at once, this week two museum examples have popped up on the radar and are for sale.

Depreciation is not a thing for these rare Nissans, as prices are only going up regardless the age or condition. The Gran Turismo generation are now all grownup and those who have done well for themselves can now afford their childhood dream car. Hence Japanese classics are starting to command more and more cash. Unfortunately the 400R has been auctioned off last night but you are still in time to bag in the Z432 which is being sold on March 14, 2015.


Nismo 400R

  • 1997 R33 GTR Nismo 400R
  • Midnight purple
  • Grade 4.5B
  • 43,000km (with service history)
  • Starting at 7,000,000 Yen / €52,000 / $59,000
  • Sold through japanese auctions.

These rare beasts are special edition R33’s released on November 1997 badged the 400R, with the R obviously standing for Racing.  Overall R&D was by NISMO, the Motorsports Tuning wing of Nissan and was given a stroked RB26DETT engine, dubbed the RBX-GT2 (by REINIK). The engine featured stroke crankshaft, forged pistons, upgraded rods, polished ports, high lift camshafts, upgraded oil system, larger exhaust manifolds and higher output turbochargers. NISMO produced an upgraded exhaust, a twin-plate clutch, and intercooler system. Nismo brake pads were fitted to the car. A unique 400R exclusive aerodynamic package were also added, such as wider fenders, side skirts, a new rear bumper, a new front bumper with bigger air scoops, and a redesigned bonnet and rear spoiler and trunk made of carbon fiber. The 400R was also fitted with 18x10 Nismo LM-GT1s. The car developed 300 kW (400 hp) and 347 lb·ft (470 N·m), which allowed a top speed of over 186 mph (300 km/h), and enabled it to reach 0-60 miles in 4.0 seconds. NISMO had originally planned to produce 100 units of the 400R, however only 44 units were made before production of the R33 ended in 1998. Today it’s said there's less than 35 of these left in the world.

The colors that the 400R came in are: Midnight Purple, Deep Marine Blue, White, Sonic Silver, Dark Grey Pearl, Black, Super Clear Red, Champion blue and the rarest of them all one yellow 400R having chassis number 001 that is still owned by Nismo.


Nissan Fairlady Z432

  • 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z 432
  • Silver
  • Chassis no. PS30-00092
  • No Reserve (estimated sell: $150,000 - $200,000)
  • Sold through Amelia Island auction.

The Z432 (model PS30) released on November 1969 was the first special edition Fairlady Z and the name stands for 4-valve, 3-carburetor, 2-cam. The car was fitted with the same 6-cylinder in line DOHC 24-valve S20 engine what was also present on the Skyline GT-R (PGC10) of its time. This was different from the exported model (Datsun 240Z) which came with the L24. The car had a top speed of 130mph (210 km/h) and a standing quarter mile time of 15.8 seconds, with a close-ratio five-speed manual, an upgraded limited slip differential and the noticeable vertical dual exhaust pipe. Approximately 420 were built, end believe it or not some were used by the Police in Japan. Available colors for that year were: silver, dark blue, white, red, dark green, orange, yellow and gold.

However the rarest Fairlady Z of that era would be the Z432R, of which only 30 cars ever produced as an homologation to the rally car of the time. It was finished in orange with black aluminium wheels and a low profile  black hood. It had lighter front guards, doors, and bonnet, as well as further engine enhancements compared to the Z432.

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