Cheap Lamborghini Diablo

Cheap Lamborghini Diablo

Ever wished that some day you would own a poster car? What about that insane yellow Lamborghini Diablo complete with scissor doors and big V12 engine that can reach 200mph in the early 90s.


However back then there was a problem that you a) had no driving licence, and b) no cash to buy it .... almost two decades later and you still haven't manage to save up for it, especially now since prices are steadily going up like any other exotic classic.

This morning we came across an auction that might bring your dream one step closer. What seems to be a genuine Lamborghini Diablo with no accident damage is currently on auction for $3050, but there is a catch ..... the car is far from driveable.  It's a bare chassis, that is there is no drive train, interior, electricals or bodywork included. Seller has claimed to have treated the chassis with Ospho several years ago to neutralize any rust. The vehicle appears to have been in a fire located near the glove box area then the entire chassis was soda/bead-blasted clean.

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