Large 30,000 Car Collection under one Roof

Large 30,000 Car Collection under one Roof

Somewhere in Pennsylvania, USA there is a collection of about 30,000 cars, diecast cars. The miniature models that don't demand insurance, maintenance, road tax and space. Over 30,000 vehicles covering nearly every brand and model. And they all fit in his house.

Andy Goodman’s stores his 1,000 square feet collection at his house including 1:18, 1:24 and 1:64 miniature cars, trucks and other machines spanning multiple manufacturers and TV series.

Whether its collecting the actual full size  car or the scale model, it’s the hunt that excites any collector. Talk to any collector and they’ll tell you the story about every hunt, not the car itself. They love a car or a model for the challenge & the time spent hunting it down. Once it’s secured in their collection, it’s worthless (not in monetary terms) and they move on to the next ‘hunt’.

Why deal with the insurance and parking for real cars when you can have hundreds of scale models for less?

Story from Jalopnik

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