Pininfarina under new ownership

Pininfarina under new ownership

The famous Italian design house and coachbuilder Pininfarina has undergone new ownership by the giant Indian manufacturer Mahindra in a deal worth a reported €168 million.  Pininfarina has been designing cars for companies like Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, even Hyundai and more for decades.


The deal involves Mahindra purchasing a controlling interest of 76.06% in Pininfarina. An open offer for the remaining shares will be issued later. Pininfarina will continue to remain an independent company, with Paolo Pininfarina continuing at the head of its board.

This is a good deal because Mahindra is said to invest €20 million into Pininfarina and provide a guarantee to creditors of €114.5 million.  Which could mean that Pininfarina would be building cars that the public can actually buy under the Pininfarina badge. It’s likely that the cars designed and built to wear the badge will include both supercars and premium sport/luxury cars.


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