Seafoam Turquoise Barracuda

Seafoam Turquoise Barracuda

Today's feature car is a 1969 Plymouth 1969 barracuda owned by the Said family, Adam Said, Ruth Said & Victor. It was built in the Hamtramck, Michigan plant and came to Malta as a new car.

It was built with the leaning tower of power slant 6 engine, 225 cu in (3.7 litres) which with its auto trans makes it perfect for cruising the island. The colour is seafoam turquoise, which sounds as good as it looks.

It only has 32.000 original miles on it still & came into the Said family collection on 15th February 2012, they are only the 4th owners. If you want to see what the average American was driving in 69 have a look at this great car.

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