Cars Addiction Upcoming New Content for 2017

Cars Addiction Upcoming New Content for 2017


First post of the year 2017 and I'm please to announced new stuff going on here at, namely a soon to be released revamped website and new content.

The Website

The current site is dated .... ok it is actually a prehistoric design which was last updated in 2007. The current decade old site would be updated and finally be mobile friendly together with some new features that we can wait to get ready and release.


The Project Cars

CarsAddiction would be shortly introducing 2 interesting official project cars.  Sadly in 2016 we have sold our beloved and mint 2004 E46 MSport sedan only to make funds for two awesome cars. We would share our journey ownership, together with some cool and tasteful mods. All I can say for now is that both cars are completely different except for the fact that they are both rear wheel drive.

We are always open to suggestions, so feel free to comment or contact us privately with any feedback :)

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