BMW Z3 V12 Roadster

BMW Z3 V12 Roadster

Engineers at the BMW’s M division from time to time have a go at the BMW parts bin. In 1999 they built a one-off prototype BMW Z3 powered by the M73 V12 engine, equipped with a 6 speed manual in Kyalami orange. Obviously,  anything is possible when there are no safety constraints and laws to consider and when market feasibility studies are ignored.

BMW Z3 V12 M73

The V12 used, which goes by the code M73 was used in the 850i (E31), 750i (E38), and the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. It displaced 5.4-liters and produced 326 horsepower and 361 pound-feet of torque, with a result of 70/30 power distribution on the Z3 (E36/7) chassis.

BMW Z3 E36/7 V12 M73

Can you imagine what it was like to drive? The BMW Z3 in its stock format weights about 1300kg while the 8 series at 2300kg, that is a whopping 1-tonne difference, and the power to weight ratio would have been astonishing but with a heavy nose very scary to drive.

BMW Z3 V12

Telling from the pics they went for a Z3M equipped body (bumpers and wheels) but kept the standard Z3 side grills.

BMW Z3 V12 engine

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