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Diesel cars’ reputation for saving drivers money has been shattered by research showing they are often more expensive than petrol models. It concludes that ‘diesels are no longer the default option for frugal motoring’.


  • Can take up to 14 years before diesel cars save the average driver money
  • Fuel can be almost 6p a litre more expensive than unleaded petrol
  • Findings come as diesels make up over half of new car market for first time

While diesel engines may deliver more miles per gallon, it can take up to 14 years before they save the average driver any money.

This is because of the higher cost of diesel cars and of the fuel, which can be almost 6p a litre more expensive than unleaded petrol.

A report today by the consumer watchdog Which? says: ‘With drivers having to pay a premium for a diesel car – typically £1,000 to £2,000 more on a new car – our tests reveal it could take up to 14 years to recoup the up-front costs in fuel savings.‘

Lower pump prices for petrol and advances in petrol-engine efficiency mean petrol cars now often provide better value for money.’

Ironically, the findings come as diesels make up more than half of the new car market for the first time.

Which? compared similar-spec petrol and diesel versions of six popular cars – the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Astra, Volkswagen Tiguan, VW Sharan, BMW 5 Series and Peugeot 308 SW.

It calculated the annual fuel bill for each based on an average mileage of 10,672, and concluded: ‘In four out of our six examples, the petrol engine was the best choice for a driver covering 10,000 miles a year.

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Economy Calculator Source: Great diesel myth: They DON'T save you money and petrol models 'are more economical for most makes of car' | Daily Mail Online

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