Car Related Ideas for School Trips

Car Related Ideas for School Trips

1. Car Museum

Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

Your first option should be a museum that is dedicated to cars, after all a museum's main goal is to exhibit, educate and are already prepared for large groups. There is a wide range of museums from those specific to an era, manufacture and even ones dedicated to a specific niche. The only problem you might have is finding one close to you.

Locate Car Museums in your area.


2. Car Dealership

Nissan Dealership, Nurburgring Center

You would be surprised how a car showroom can turn out to be a fun trip for kids. Since car related museums might be hard to find nearby (if existent), the chances you would find a nearby car dealership is more probable within a reasonable drive from any school. Besides learning about the newest cars in the market, students can also learn the basics of how a business runs, as car dealerships usually have offices visible on the showroom floor for accounts, sales, management, parts department, workshop and after sales. As a teacher you can introduce a quiz with the following questions:

  • What is the difference between a hatchback and a sedan?
  • How many cars does "Ford" have in their 2018 line up?
  • How many colors does the Ford Focus come in?
  • What is the most expensive car in the showroom?
  • Which car comes with the smallest wheels?
As a bonus, most car dealerships would be more likely to give out the students free merchandise and brochures and are welcoming even though students might not purchase anything from them.

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3. Mechanic

Nissan L Series Engine

It is not every day you see a car dismantled, the students might enjoy learning on the various components that make up a car and what better way then to physically see the parts exposed in front of you. Be careful though most mechanics are not equipped for tours and the garage might be busy and dangerous for kids, so its advisable to call ahead and plan when the garage is not busy and get parent's consent for this place.

Locate Mechanics in your area.


4. Tuning and Custom Shop

Manthey Racing Offices, Nurburg

Consider these shops as a between mechanic and an aftermarket candy store for car enthusiasts. At these places, you would find lots of custom cars either built for shows are to race. Owners of such establishments are always open to any opportunity to show off what they do, and if you are lucky they can also give a free demonstration to the students.

Locate Tune Shops in your area.


5. Race Track or Drag Strip

Audi R8 Race Car during VLN 09/2016

Who does not like to watch a race? Your school might be close to a popular race track that usually accepts group tours of what a race track involves, the circuit itself, the pit stops, trailer area, and even the conference center. They could even go further explaining the various steps of a race, and if you are lucky there could be a race ongoing for the students to watch. Also, note places such as race tracks also include catering.

Locate Race Tracks in your area.

Hope we gave you a good idea where you can take your students to learn more about cars. feel free to share your experience and advice below.

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