How to Stop Cats Sitting on your Car?

How to Stop Cats Sitting on your Car?

To some people, cats are fluffy and cute animals but to some car enthusists these creatures will drive you absolutely insane as they climb onto your pride and joy especially in winter to keep off the street and onto your warm engine bonnet. This causes paw prints and claw scratches all over the body which can be hard to get off.  The four tips below are for any type of rodents or pests which seek refuge on or in your car especially during the cold winter months.


Ceramic Coating or Car Cover

I'll start of with something that you might as well do if your car is sitting outside, and if its not cats it will be something else in the future, so in this case prevention is better than cure. In this case I would recommend getting your car professionally treated by a ceramic coat.  You can also by the ceramic coating kit yourself and attempt to apply this to save some money. This type of nano technology creates an invisible barrier to protect your car against light scratches and dirt, in fact cars that are properly ceramic coated are always looking clean and glossy :)

An alternative to ceramic coating would be a car cover most suited for outside weather and also withstand the sun.


Counter Attack with Water

The majority of cats do not like water and luckily enough your car is water proof. So everytime a cat sits on your car, scare them off with some water from a bucket or hose ... unless you want to have some fun and use a water gun :)  They would eventually learn not to mess with you.

If you really want to get technical you can automate this behaviour by installing a  motion detector that detects heated bodies that is also integrated with a sprinkler system.


Counter Attack with Sound

Another alternative is a device which emits loud noises, ultrasonic to be exact. This will scare off any animals but humans would not hear it as the sound is out of range for the human ear. There are 2 options to go far:

  • Car Mounted - to repell any pests wherever you park which is powered by your car battery.
  • Permantently Mounted to wall or ground - generally the best option if you have more than one car in your driveway and you want to avoid attaching additional equipment onto your car.

Setup a Decoy

All the cats want is a dry and warm area to sleep and sometimes they have no better option than your car. Maybe you can adopt them into your home or setup a cardboard box with used sheets with some food in the park nearby. If you go for the later option just make sure they don't notice its you as you might get some feline followers begging for more food.

If you want to go full out and help the community of cats, you can use thermal boxes suitable for outside environment.


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