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This is not another Geneva Motor Show 2019 Live Updates post as that has already been repeatedly covered during the last few days following the opening of the 89th Geneva International Motor show launch. On the contrary, I will be sharing my experience as a guy who still daily drives his 1997 Subaru Impreza and his childhood dream was always to visit the place were concepts were presented to the world.

Even before I could understand what I was reading I would collect car magazines for there photos, and the good photos would be the futuristic cars from the Geneva Motor show coverage displaying concepts which are still an idea or production cars what will be with us very soon. This was the 90s so any photos solely relied on acquiring any printed material or actually being at the show. Ever since then I always wanted to visit this magical car show and this was the year I was going to make it happen.

As true CarsAddiction.com I share photos of each car and aspect I found interesting in the show -see gallery below. In addition I highlight the cars that I find most interesting.

The Electric Buzz

Almost every major manufacturer had a hybrid in their range ready to be sold to you, however not all with fully electric cars available as yet, well not until 2020. There are 2 main issues to this, the main one is that customers are still questionable about the range part of the drive if they are crossing borders on a weekend trip, and the other is politics. You see there is not so many new concepts from traditional manufactures because for every electric car sold in 2019 will actually count against them from 2020 when CO2 reduction targets are introduced.

However, there were a lot of niche electric car companies displaying their product throughout the show such as e.GO Moove, Rinspeed and more, together with companies providing fast charging alternatives. So the future of electric cars is no longer the future its just a matter of when.

High-End Customizers

Mansory, TopCar, TechArt, RUF, Brabus ...etc all have one thing in common - they based their product from the mainstream manufacture such as a Porsche 911 and upscale it to something that is more powerful, luxurious and unique for the people who can afford such modifications. I was surprised the number of manufacturers that are in this business and the quality of their work.


Super and Sports Cars

Plenty of these around from three Pininfarina Battistas, a Koenigsegg's Jesko, couple of Toyota Supras, a Porsche 992 here and there, an Audi R8 Decennium, Nissan GTR 50, a handful of Lamborghinis, Ferraris ...I could just go on an on and best to view hte photos above.


For the Commoner

While it's nice to view cars from the future, or actually see and ride in cars that you have lust over the internet, the Geneva Motor Show is actually really handy when it comes in choosing your next daily driver. All manufacturers are present with their full range on the showroom floor. Everyone is welcomed to ride in the cars, inspect the engine bay and trunk area and basically to see if you feel comfortable with the car. The only downside is that none of them actually give out physical brochures anymore, but will give you a bag to put it more bags from other manufacturers and suddenly you end up with a collection of bags with not a single piece of paper in sight.



Would I go again? This trip was fully self sponsored and as much as I would like to visit again, it makes more sense to budget for other car shows that I haven't gone to yet. In addition all prices and offers were based for the Swiss market. However if time and money wasn't a subject, yes I'll be making it a daily occurrence as its a vital networking opportunity and insight for the future of our automotive industry.

The one car I would pick from the whole show? Well since Subaru did not have a turbo'ed Impreza on their floor I'm surprisingly liking the new Suzuki Jimny. It has all that you need without any bells or whistles just the basics and fewer things to go wrong. But if I won the lottery you'll find myself in a RUF CTR :)


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