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The Toyota Century is mainly the Rolls Royce of Japanese cars. It is a large four-door sedan marketed only to the Japanese market and a car to be used for the Royal Family, Senior Government Officials, and other important businessmen and women. The Century is currently in its 3rd generation, with the 1st generation starting in 1967.

The VG40 which we have reviewed is one of the many the 1st generation variations of the Toyota Century powered by a 4l V8 engine. This specific car was built in 1989 and the 30-year-old technology equipped on this car is astonishing with features such as:

  • Dynamic Hydraulic Suspension
  • Auto-Dimming headlights
  • Rear powered seats with massaging feature
  • Electric operated quarter panels
  • Auto oscillating vents
  • Digital Dashboard
  • Rear air-condition control center
  • Remote control to operate the air conditioner
  • Soft closing trunk
  • Electric fender mirrors
  • Electric release gas cap and trunk
  • Hidden Tape recorder
  • Flag Pole
  • ....etc

This specific Toyota Century is currently for sale at Ventur Motors in Malta, Europe. A full review and walk around on this Toyota Centurycan be seen on your YouTube channel.

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