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Let me introduce a car very close to me, my very own 1976 Datsun 260Z 2+2.  The coverage of this car has been long overdue, and I'm actually in my 5th year of ownership. I originally wanted to debut it to the Internet when it was ready, but due to numerous delays out of my hands, I decided to show off the car as it currently stands.

We have successfully restored the engine, the one we have is the L20ET variant. Information and parts were not easy to locate but thankfully it shares a lot of components to the more popular L28ET Nissan engine. The reason my car is fitted with the Japanese spec engine is that this car was originally in Australia, and when it was exported to Malta, import rules at time-restricted anything larger than 2000cc.

As with all projects time and money are the most evident factors that delay a project, as well as a learning curve to learn new things as I tried to do everything myself with the help of some friends.

The car is an original right hand drive, with only 27k miles and not a single spec of rust to be seen, just because the previous owner of the car who owned for 30+ years decided to respray the car earlier in its life. It also was treated to chrome, to every mechanical and suspension part you can imagine. For more information and visuals of how the car currently stands I highly suggest you watch the intro video I created for my Datsun 260z.

We got big plans for this and cannot wait to show you ever bit of the journey, so make sure you stay tuned on our Youtube channel for further updates!

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