BMW G20 3 Series Hidden Features

BMW G20 3 Series Hidden Features

The BMW G2X (G20, G21) is the 7th generation 3Series that has started production in 2018 and will be available upto 2025. If you are a new owner, you might not be aware that BMW has worked in some undocumented hidden features and kept them a secret.

Here's a very short peek of the many features you can access, some are cool and some can help you service your G20 or G21 3Series:

  • Be able to switch the temperature units readout from Celsius to Fahernieht or vice versa.
  • Light up your dashboard like a Christmas tree - useful to find faulty lights.
  • The current speed readout in a digital format – useful when comparing your speedometer's accuracy with an external GPS.
  • Fuel sender unit debugging by knowing how many litres of fuel are currently in the tank.
  • Actual VIN number of the car – useful when buying the car and want to make sure that all matches to what is in the engine bay.

Accessing the Secret Menus


To access these hidden menus you have to:

  1. Press the Start/Stop button 3 times very fast
  2. Press and hold the button to reset the odometer/BC button until "Diagnostic Mode Active" appears
  3. The below options will appear on your screen and can be navigated by pressing the odometer/BC button once.
  4. To enter the menu you would need to long press the odometer/BC button:
    • Identification
      • VIN number and hardware versions and other statistics
    • System Test
      • The cluster unit is fully illuminated
    • Chassis Dyno
      • disable all safety electronics, so that you can dyno the car properly without the car interfering with the raw output.
    • Test End
      • Exit the menu
    • Unlock

What is the Unlock menu, and how do I get into it?

  1. Select "Unlock" and hold the odometer/BC button until "Code 00" is shown
  2. Tap the odometer repeatedly until the correct code is selected (read below, to get your code)
  3. Press and hold odometer
  4. You are redirected to the secret menu with the additional menu items:
    • Tank
      • sensor details for fuel tank
    • Temperature
      • raw temperature values of various components and sensors
    • BC-ø
      • various counters, that accumulate during the lifespan of the vehicle
    • Correct. factor
      • to be able to adjust the baseline "1000" mpg calculation correction factor
What is my Code?

Unlock code needs to be calculated from adding the last 5 digits of your VIN number together.

If for example your VIN is XX12345, you take the last 5 digits (12345 in this case), and add them all up, so 1+2+3+4+5=15. Meaning your unlock code is 15.


What other secret features does my 2018-2025 3 Series keep hidden?

#1 BMW Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener for your BMW 3 Series is located under the rear view mirror. However not all BMWs do not have this feature, and if you are the unlucky few the installation is quiet simple that requires no tools or special coders. All you need is a used mirror with a homelink system and replace it with your current mirror. All wiring is already in place, so its plug in play, and to code it is just a series of holding a combination of buttons.


#2 BMW Parked-Car Ventilation

Your BMW has the option to set a timer for the fan (not climate control), this is most beneficial in hot climates where you need to get the air circulated to avoid getting into a hot stuffy car. To activate the comfort ventilation follow these steps found in your iDrive menu:
  1. Enter ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Climate’
  3. Activate parked-car ventilation
  4. Then set up the BMW parked-car ventilation timer, and select timer 1 or timer 2
  5. Set the desired time for the comfort ventilation to start.
  6. Next, either activate timer 1 or timer 2.
  7. Lastly, the ‘Fan’ symbol will activate and start to flash when the system is switched on.

#3 Automated Side BMW Mirrors

Reverse Mode

Using the switch that’s allows you to change from the driver's side mirror to passenger's side mirror will also let you automatically adjust both mirrors when going into reverse. To accomplish this all you have to do is hold the switch on the left hand side and put the vehicle into reverse. The mirrors will auto dip so you can see the ground behind your car.

Auto Unfolding

This option might require coding, but no additional hardware. If you have a BMW that’s programmed to automatically fold the side mirrors when the car is parked, they can also unfold automatically when you reach 25 mph without any human involvement.


#4 Welcome Lights & Pathway Lighting

Did you know you are able illuminate just one side of your lights, whilst the car is parked? This is useful if you are parked on the side of a dark road to make your car visible.

  1. Whilst the car is off select the Parking light accordingly near the headlight switch.
  2. These will de-activate once the car goes on, or the button is pressed again.

You can also have the car high beams illuminate the front of the car for a predefined period, and have them automatically switch off on their own.

  • To activate, after shutting off the car, pull back on the high-beam lever to activate.
  • The time they stay on is adjustable via iDrive.
  • For the Welcome Lights to activate, headlight switch must be left in the "on", or "auto" position upon shutdown, plus selected via iDrive.

#5 Hidden Engine Compartment

On the opposite side of the steering wheel in the engine bay there is a covered compartment that is empty. Useful to store dedicated engine oils and/or garments that you do not want to store in the interior.


#6 Key Remote Tricks

  • Windows Up - hold and keep pressed the BMW logo to close windows and sunroof.
  • Windows Down - hold and keep pressed the Unlock button to open windows and sunroof.
  • Trunk - besides opening the trunk, when fully open pressing the same dedicated button will also close the trunk. Also note if you press whilst the trunk is opening, the trunk will stop opening at that specific position.

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