Renting Elegance: A Dive into Smart Features of Luxury Car Rentals

Renting Elegance: A Dive into Smart Features of Luxury Car Rentals

Smart technologies are everywhere: at work and home, even when going out into nature outside the city, we take smart inventions with us for convenience. The development of smart technologies concerns not only everyday life but also, means of transportation. Luxury cars also didn’t stand aside either. All qualities that luxury cars possess undoubtedly attract buyers or car renters. In particular, Rolls Royce is assembled by hand and uses the best materials in the world for interior decoration. This makes Rolls Royce a unique car along with the rest, so that’s a great reason to rent Rolls Royce Dubai, which is one of the most popular car brands in the UAE, and stand out from the others. Experienced car rental companies, with their enormous fleet of vehicles, help customers to choose not only the model of the Rolls Royce convenient for them but also other cars of different world brands. But still, what smart systems are equipped with modern luxury cars and how do they work?


Long-Term Evolution (LTE system) and 5G technology

These systems allow you to connect to the Internet while the car is moving. This allows you to update maps and use various online applications. LTE system and 5G technology provide a higher data transfer speed that contributes to the fast loading of content in the use of real-time navigation. It also allows you to transfer data about the state of the car to a remote server.


Smart Security System or Autopilot

High-end cars have a fully or partially automated systems. These systems include:

  • night vision - a system uses cameras and infrared sensors to improve the driver’s visibility in low-light conditions and at night. It can display images on a special screen inside the vehicle, allowing the driver to see pedestrians, animals, and other objects that might otherwise go unnoticed. The system can also warn the driver of dangers;
  • cruise control - represents an evolution of conventional cruise control. This system uses radar or lasers to monitor traffic ahead of the vehicle and automatically adjust its speed and distance from the vehicle in front. If traffic begins to slow down, CC automatically reduces the speed, and if there is an obstacle or vehicle in front of you, the system can accelerate the car to a preset speed. This ensures more comfortable and safe driving on highways;
  • collision avoidance system - uses sensors, radars, and cameras to monitor the road conditions in front of the car. The system can prevent or minimize the consequences of a collision by taking emergency measures if it detects a risk of collision with a vehicle or with any obstacle in the vehicle's path. These measures could include driver warnings, brake activation, or even automatic braking.

Car Interior

Smart systems are also used in the cabin to adjust interior lighting based on the outside light, a seat massage function to reduce fatigue and increase comfort on long journeys, and the vehicle’s climate control system to create optimal conditions and ensure comfort.


Connection to a smartphone

Luxury cars can easily be connected to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This allows the driver and passengers to control multimedia and navigation using smartphones. This system allows you to synchronize all your contacts so that all incoming calls can be seen on the car monitor. It is also possible to send your location and routes, and control the car from afar: consistent heating or cooling of the car. If you wish, you can connect music or audiobooks.


Entertainment sound system

This is a multi-level system that plays music and radio and connects to smartphones. At the same time, the system opens up more convenient functions for people. The large touch screen, audio, and multimedia system provide first-class in-car entertainment.


Parking and navigation system

Many luxury cars also have parking and navigation systems. This system allows you to park your car without driver intervention. In this case, the system will automatically find a suitable parking space.



All car manufacturers in the world are constantly innovating and bringing new smart technologies into their creations. Engineers working in factories take into account all the nuances and parts of the machinery, electricity, and engines inside the car. Therefore, all car models, especially luxury cars, are always sought after in the market, whether to rent or own.

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