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Country: UK

Since: 1906

Closed: 1954

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Jowett was a car marque based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England from 1906 to 1954.

The business was founded in 1901 by brothers Benjamin (1877—1963) and William (1880—1965) Jowett and Arthur V Lamb[1] who started in the cycle business and went on to make V-twin engines for driving machinery; some found their way locally into other makes of cars as replacements. In 1904 they became the Jowett Motor Manufacturing Company based in Back Burlington Street, Bradford. Their first Jowett light car was produced in February 1906 "and quickly became popular"[1] but as their little workshop was fully occupied in general engineering activities, experiments with different engine configurations, and making the first six Scott motor cycles, it did not go into production until 1910. This car used an 816 cc flat twin water-cooled engine and three-speed gearbox with tiller steering. The body was a lightweight open two seater. Twelve vehicles were made before an improved version with wheel steering was launched in 1913 and a further 36 were made before the outbreak of the First World War when the factory was turned over to munitions manufacture. Two tiller steerers still survive. [edit]
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