1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe 1600 Sprint GT

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1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe 1600 Sprint GT


Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

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Price (when new): 1133

Production Total: 13471

Build Start: 1965

Last on sale: 1968

Body Style:

Drive System:

Alfa Romeo in the early '60s had a tradition and a reputation unmatched in the field of sports cars, with the glorious series of Giulia GT , which lasted from 1963 to 1977 gave many alfisti and the possibility of owning and operating a prestigious Alfa Romeo GT , a car where style, technical finesse, and high performance combine to make the world more satisfying car. The Giulia GT were not flawless, but they knew always have them forgive!

The Alfa Romeo in June of 1962 at the Monza circuit has the 1600 Giulia TI , a car that has aged suddenly all of its direct competitors. The Giulia 1600 TI Sedan replaces the Giulietta. In 1963 the body of the Giulietta Sprint version is built coupe , or the Giulia Sprint GT , and presented to the press September 9, 1963.

The Giulia Sprint GT is designed by Giugiaro on behalf of the body Bertone , and is marketed in 1964 as a coupe 2+2, a car is well balanced by the modern style, is the beginning of a long history, with 13 successful years during which the small sporty Alfa Romeo is produced in several models and engines until 1977, receiving a huge success and spreading throughout the world Italian style.

The line of the Giulia Sprint GT takes inspiration from the 2000 and 2600 from the sprint, while the rounded roof reminiscent of the Giulietta , the front grille with the chrome shield goes to the center Alfa Romeo shield, and is bounded laterally by the lights. Two large clusters exceed the grille at the bottom. The tail of the Sprint GT is elegant and compact features two trapezoidal headlights.

Inside the car is comfortable for two people, complete with comfortable front seats, gauges includes oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, tachometer, speedometer, and oil and temperature gauges, gear change lever Central, ashtray and cigarette lighter.

The engine is the classic twin-cam 4-cylinder 1570 cc increased to 6200 rpm / min compared to the 6000 sedan, with power increased up to 106 hp DIN due to the adoption of carburettors Weber DCOE 4.

The transmission is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox fully synchronized, the brakes are disc brakes on all 4 wheels with vacuum servo. Everything else remains the patterns of the Giulia Berlina. The Sprint GT was built in the new plants Arese , except mechanical parts that were still being produced at the door.

It remains in production until 1965 when replaced by the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce.

The Giulia Sprint GT (and all later versions) is a car that has aged rapidly all its competitors and has made ??known to the brand and style of Alfa Romeo in all parts of the world.

Even today, the Giulia GT does talk about is a 'drive from' high value and considerable interest from collectors .
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  • 1965
  • 1968
  • Giulia Coupe 1600 Sprint GT
  • 1330mm
  • 4080mm
  • 950kg
  • 1580mm
Body Details
  • 12
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  • 183km/h
  • 2
Fuel Consump.
  • 24.8mpg
  • €1133
  • 13471
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