1926 Armstrong-Siddeley 14hp Broadway saloon

Car Specs

1926 Armstrong-Siddeley 14hp Broadway saloon




Quick Facts

Price (when new): 1988

Build Start: 1926

Last on sale: 1929

The 14 HP, like other Armstrong Siddeley models, was supplied with a full toolkit. The Autocar magazine featured it as part of their test of the model published 5 March 1926. The second image shows the car in the test bay. The article asked “How long does it take to attend to the various odd jobs, like lubrication, adjusting brakes and so forth, which must be done if the owner-driver wishes to keep the mechanism of his car maintained always in perfect running order”. Timings included greasing the chassis 9 minutes; cleaning oil filter 2 mins 36 seconds; testing and inflating tyres 10 mins 30 seconds; and adjusting all four brakes 13 mins 30 seconds. The total time for the year’s maintenance for 10,000 miles was estimated at 10 hours 39 minutes.
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  • 1926
  • 1929
  • 14hp
  • 1630mm
  • 4210mm
  • 1320kg
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  • 75mph
  • €1988

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