1965 Aston Martin DB6 Volante

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1965 Aston Martin DB6 Volante


Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Quick Facts

Price (when new): 5748

Production Total: 215

Build Start: 1965

Last on sale: 1970

Drive System:

Available in other variants
Although the first 37 Volantes – Aston speak for convertibles – were built on the shorter DB5 chassis, genuine DB6s started to appear from October 1966. The time-consuming Superleggera construction was dropped; although aluminium was still used for the panels, the steel tubing underneath was replaced by folded metal. 140 Mk1 Volantes were constructed up until the debut of the Mk2 in July 1969: its much shorter run meant that only 38 of this variant could be fitted in before the DB6 Volante reached the end of its road in November 1970.

Information from Octane Magazine.
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  • 1965
  • 1970
  • DB6
  • 2584mm
  • 1676mm
  • 1466kg
  • 1346mm
  • 4623mm
  • 282bhp
  • 2
  • 6.5s
  • 288lb/ft
  • 225km/h
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Fuel Consump.
  • 13mpg
  • €5748
  • 215
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