1967 Aston Martin DBS

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1967 Aston Martin DBS


Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Quick Facts

Price (when new): 6325

Production Total: 899

Build Start: 1967

Last on sale: 1973

Drive System:

Available in other variants
A new stylist – William Towns – meant a completely new look for Aston, with the DBS shifting focus from Italy to America with its arresting muscle-car stance. The four-passenger DBS was designed for a V8, but Aston’s eight-pot wasn’t ready in time so the car used the DB6’s 4-litre engine with an uprated Vantage option. However, all that extra weight knocked performance back; a DBS could offer only the same kind of speeds as a DB4. Although the V8 model was available from 1969, the six-cylinder continued until 1973 as the entry-level Aston.

Information from Octane Magazine.
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  • 1967
  • 1973
  • DBS
  • 1705kg
  • 2611mm
  • 1829mm
  • 1328mm
  • 4585mm
  • 7.8s
  • 282bhp
  • 2
  • 225km/h
  • 288lb/ft
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Fuel Consump.
  • 13mpg
  • €6325
  • 899
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