1970 Chrysler 180

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1970 Chrysler 180




Quick Facts

Price (when new): 1723

Build Start: 1970

Last on sale: 1980

Body Style:

Drive System:

Available in other variants
When it arrived in 1970, the Chrysler 180 was suffered from an identity crisis. Known as the Simca 1610 in France, and the Chrysler 180 in the UK, the car was seen as ‘foreign’ in both markets. Vaguely handsome styling and a capable chassis was never going to be enough to save the car marketed as ‘an American in Paris’, though, and as its ten-year life went on, sales slowed to a trickle. Rare then and almost impossible to find now (rust, apathy), especially the Spanish built Barreiros diesel engined model. The model to have (if you must) is the 2-litre in automatic form.

Information from Octane Magazine.
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  • 1970
  • 1980
  • 180
  • 1728mm
  • 2667mm
  • 1095kg
  • 4527mm
  • 1430mm
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Body Details
  • Sedan
  • 13.6s
  • 2
  • 97bhp
  • 106lb/ft
  • 159km/h
  • €1723
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