1963 Facel Vega Facel 3

Car Specs

1963 Facel Vega Facel 3


Facel Vega

Facel Vega

Quick Facts

Production Total: 432

Build Start: 1963

Last on sale: 1964

Drive System:

Amazingly, when it came to replacing the Facel II, the idea of increasing power and opulence was thrown out of the window as the company adopted a clean sheet policy for its new car. The Facel III was powered by a 1780cc Volvo engine, and delivered the sort of performance that was ample for most drivers. It sold well too, as it managed to retain all the dignity and style of the V8 cars in a more manageable package. However, the company was already in trouble when it launched, and despite its relative success, it failed to halt the inevitable.

Information from Octane Magazine
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  • 1963
  • 1964
  • Facel 3
  • 2464mm
  • 1562mm
  • 1089kg
  • 1270mm
  • 4153mm
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  • 182km/h
  • 2
  • 108bhp
  • 432
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