1937 Frazer Nash BMW 328

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1937 Frazer Nash BMW 328


Frazer Nash

Frazer Nash

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Price (when new): 363

Build Start: 1937

Last on sale: 1937

While racing and touring in Europe in 1934, Aldy recognized the merit of BMW's sport/touring car, the 315 Model. AFN then became the importer of BMW's to England, rebadging these cars as the "Frazer Nash-BMW". The BMW Model 328 later became well known for its advanced design and performance after its introduction in 1936. Three Model 328s with special aerodynamic aluminium bodies, competed in the 1940 Mille Miglia very successfully, in spite of their relatively small 2 litre engines.

Immediately after the end of WWII, Aldy returned to Munich while still on active duty and rescued one of the factory-team BMW "Mille Miglia" sports-racing cars, bringing it to England under the guise of his personal 328, which had been left at the factory before the beginning of the war. This same car quickly assumed a third identity as the new 1946 Frazer Nash "Grand Prix" model.

Aldy then managed to bring the 328 designer, Fritz Fiedler, to England, where he updated the 328 design for intended production by both the Bristol Aeroplane Company and Frazer Nash. A plan to directly share production didn't work out, but Bristol tooled up for the production of the BMW-design engine, now the "Bristol", for use in their newly designed touring models. Bristol intended to diversify from airplane manufacturing. Bristol also agreed to supply AFN with engines and other mechanical parts for their planned line of sports cars, which was based on an update of the BMW 328 Mille Miglia chassis.
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  • BMW 328
  • 1937
  • 1937
  • BMW 328
  • 1550mm
  • 1240mm
  • 3900mm
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  • 161km/h
  • €363
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