1973 MG B GT V8

Car Specs

1973 MG B GT V8




Quick Facts

Production Total: 2591

Build Start: 1973

Last on sale: 1976

Drive System:

The concept of a V8 engined MGB was hardly new; Ken Costello had been making a good living converting MGBs to Rover engines for some time, and even MG had a go with the Edward Turner V8 before building the MGC instead. When production of the C-series was cut, MG finally introduced its own Rover V8-engined version, just as the effects of the 1973 energy crisis were hitting hard. Although a great car, the MGB GT V8 sold poorly, a victim of circumstance and poor marketing. Today it offers great value, but watch out for home conversions.

Information from Octane Magazine.
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  • 1973
  • 1976
  • B GT V8
  • 1158kg
  • 2300mm
  • 1568mm
  • 1295mm
  • 4020mm
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  • 9s
  • 201km/h
  • 192lb/ft
  • 137bhp
  • 2
Fuel Consump.
  • 26mpg
  • 2591
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