2008 Paramount Marauder

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2008 Paramount Marauder




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Production Total: 75

Build Start: 2008

Drive System:

Marauder is designed to carry a crew of 2 in the front plus 8 fully equipped soldiers in the rear. It can be configured as a simple wheeled troop carrier or as an effective wheeled combat vehicle by the addition of a heavy machine gun mounted in a variety of turrets.

Marauder is rugged and robust and offers outstanding cross-country agility. It can be airlifted with little preparation and provides excellent strategic mobility. Once in the theatre of operations it can be re-configured in a modular manner to meet the specific threat likely to be faced in day-to-day operations.

Marauder is a flexible battlefield tool, more than ready to take an active role in all operations of both conventional and non-conventional war. It can be fitted with a Day/Night vision capability and extra sensors to extend the range of observation and engagement if these are required by the Customer.

Marauder is designed to accept an extra 5,000kg when combat laden. This provides a great deal of flexibility in the choice of weapons, or gives it the ability to carry extra water and combat supplies if the vehicle is to be used as part of a long-range patrol group or quick reaction force. Long-range fuel tanks can be fitted to extend Marauder’s range and scope of operations.

Marauder can be supplied in the standard form or in a stretched version offering extra space to carry more troops, or to accommodate extra stores and combat supplies for specialist missions. It has been independently proven to withstand an anti-tank mine blast anywhere under the hull, or a double anti-tank mine blast under any wheel, without suffering hull rupture. The anti-blast seats are designed to prevent injury to the occupants from the extreme acceleration following a blast from the side or a mine blast under the hull.

In addition to its excellent blast protection MARAUDER is fitted with a double-skinned hull throughout the cabin and crew compartment to protect it against kinetic attack up to STANAG 4569 Level III. Extra armour can also be added if it is necessary to protect against a specific threat. This can be done in-theatre and the modules can be easily removed when they are no longer needed or to prepare the vehicle for long-range self-deployment.

MARAUDER has been designed with plenty of power in hand, so it is well able to cross all types of terrain at speed. This allows it to by-pass choke points and other likely ambush sites and to surprise the enemy by choosing off-road routes when moving into contact.

Marauder uses cost effective-off-the-shelf components and assemblies from volume manufacturers wherever possible. This reduces the cost of ownership and increases the proven reliability of the vehicle throughout its service life.

Paramount can offer a number of drive-line options for MARAUDER and can advise customers depending on the operational role of the vehicle. All of these options offer outstanding performance and there is no doubt that MARAUDER has already earned its reputation as a very cost-effective, proven workhorse to support infantry in combat
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  • Marauder
  • 2008
  • Marauder
  • 420mm
  • 9000kg
  • 3100mm
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