1975 Rolls Royce Camargue

Car Specs

1975 Rolls Royce Camargue


Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

Quick Facts

Price (when new): 33638

Production Total: 531

Build Start: 1975

Last on sale: 1985

Drive System:

Rolls-Royce tried to pull something special out of the bag with the Camargue, which, at £29,250 in 1975, took over from the Corniche as the UK’s most expensive car. Based on the Shadow platform, Italian styling house Pininfarina produced the car’s razor-edged silhouette. The resemblance to its earlier Fiat 130 Coupé and Ferrari GT4 2+2 designs was palpable; not quite what was expected for a flagship Rolls! The 6750cc V8 engine had extra (undisclosed) power, too, but in ten years of production, just 530 Camargues were made with no Bentley-badged sister models.

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  • 1975
  • Camargue
  • 1985
  • 1920mm
  • 3050mm
  • 2390kg
  • 5170mm
  • 1470mm
  • 10.9s
  • 330lb/ft
  • 118mph
  • 2
  • 220bhp
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Fuel Consump.
  • 12mpg
  • €33638
  • 531