1959 Triumph Herald Convertible

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1959 Triumph Herald Convertible




Quick Facts

Price (when new): 807

Production Total: 8262

Build Start: 1959

Last on sale: 1961

Drive System:

Available in other variants
One of the new small family car stars of the 1959 Motor Show, the Herald was a bit more upmarket than the Mini or Anglia. All that really held it back was the lack of power from its 948cc engine, even in the twin-carb form used in the convertible launched in 1960 (worth a 25% premium) and soon offered as an option for the saloon. There was also a Herald S launched in 1961, but don’t go thinking that stands for Sport. It was actually a stripped-out budget model that continued for some time after the 1200 arrived and, though rarer, is the least valuable of the range.

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  • 1959
  • Herald mk1 (948)
  • 1961
  • 1524mm
  • 2324mm
  • 870kg
  • 3886mm
  • 1321mm
  • 31.1s
  • 41lb/ft
  • 71mph
  • 2
  • 35bhp
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Fuel Consump.
  • 36mpg
  • €807
  • 8262

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